If you need support
Before you compose an e-mail or reach for the phone please make sure you have looked through the Help file first. If you have a question that the Help file doesn't answer, or are reporting what appears to be a bug then we will be pleased to hear from you. But if it is a question that is answered in the Help file then all we will do is point you to the relevant section, and you will just get an answer a little bit slower. This is not meant to be awkward, but we try to keep our costs down to allow us to produce this high quality software at value-for-money prices. Answering support queries is an expensive undertaking. After all, some of the major software companies either charge for support or provide it on premium-price phone numbers. We don't want to have to do that.

OK, so the answer is not in the Help. What now?

Check the latest FAQ or Knowledgebase
Most of our products have Knowledgebase on the product's website. For others you will need to check the Help file of the product and review the FAQ section of the help.

Check the product website for a searchable knowledgebase. Enter keywords about your issue into the knowledgebase and applicable solutions will be listed.

Make sure you have the latest version
If the answer can't be found in the FAQ's or knowledgebase, then click on the Help | About menu item of the program to determine the version you are running. Then check the product website (download page) to make sure you are running the latest version. If someone else has reported the same problem it may already be fixed. We have a Revision History posted for many of our products at our websites. If the problem you are experiencing has already been fixed, it will be in the Revision History. Refer to our Upgrade Information for an explanation of how to upgrade a licensed copy to the latest version.

That didn't help, what now?
You can Contact Us by e-mail, fax, or mail. You may also contact us by phone between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM Mountain Time. Please review the section on Helping Us Help You for an idea of the type of information we are going to need and what to send (and not to send) along with your query.

Lost your license?
If you have lost your license key (hard disk crash, new computer, etc.), please send your request for another license to In your request include the name and major version number for the product, and the name, email address and mailing address you used when you originally purchased the license. If your mailing address has changed since your original order, please include your new mailing address. This information is needed to locate your purchase in our customer database so the license can be reissued.

Requesting a Replacement CD-ROM
If you purchased a CD-ROM with your program, and you need a replacement, send an email request to In your request, please let us know which product you purchased, the reason you need a replacement and the name of the person that the program was licensed to. This will speed the process of locating your purchase in our customer database and getting the replacement sent to you. There will be a charge to replace media lost or damaged by you.
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