For those who are unfamiliar with .EXE and .ZIP files, this page attempts to explain what these files are and how to install them.

What is an .EXE format or a .ZIP format?
Simply stated, an .EXE file is a program that Windows can execute. A .ZIP file is a compressed file containing several other files. Windows cannot automatically install directly from a .ZIP file unless a program like PKZip or WinZip is installed.

Which should I download, the .EXE file or the .ZIP file?
Because all of our .EXE and .ZIP files are compressed, there is not much difference in the sizes of these files. Therefore, the amount of time to download each type of file is about the same. The .EXE file is simpler to install.

How do I download a file?
On the download page, click on the name of the file you want to download. You will be asked where to "Save" the file. You should save the downloaded file in a folder (also called a directory or subdirectory).

Remember where you save the downloaded file. One recommended approach is to always save downloaded files in a special directory reserved for that purpose. Some versions of windows automatically have a folder called My Documents\download_files where you can save your downloaded files. Otherwise, you may want to create a c:\Download Files or a c:\download_files folder.

I downloaded the file, what next?
Follow the instructions below for the type of file you downloaded.

Installing from an .EXE File
Once you have downloaded the program, find the .EXE file on your computer (in the folder where you downloaded the file). Double click on the .EXE file to start the setup and install of the program.

Installing from a .ZIP File
Once you have downloaded the .ZIP file, you must run an "unzipping" program to extract all the files inside the zip file. You will need a program such as PKZip WinZip, etc to actually extract all the files. Once the files have been extracted, you should find a SETUP.EXE file. Double click on this file to start the setup. This will install our program onto your computer.

I forgot where I saved the downloaded file. How can I find it?
Follow these steps to use the Windows Find program:
  1. Click on the Windows Start Button (bottom left corner of the screen).
  2. Select Find and then choose "File or Folders" and a new "Find" Window will appear.
  3. Enter the name of the file that you downloaded in the "Named" section. Example, (name.exe or (If you can't remember the name of the file you downloaded, return to our download page on our web site. Place your mouse over the download link you selected. At the bottom of the screen there should be a URL displaying where the file is downloaded from and the file name to be downloaded.)
  4. Under the "Look in" section, choose the option that states either "My Computer" or "Local Hard Drives"
  5. Make sure the "Include Subfolders" option is checked.
  6. Click on the "Find Now" button.
  7. The .EXE or .ZIP file should eventually be found and displayed in a list box.
  8. If you downloaded the .EXE file, you can double click on this entry to start the setup and install.
  9. If you downloaded the .ZIP file, normally you can double click on this entry to load your unzip program.
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